Easter preparation workout.

March 9, 19 / #conditioning #Crossfit #metabolic conditioning #training

“Cardio bunnies unite – before the Easter bunny arrives, get yourself in a deficit” 5 Rounds of: 500m rower 15 Kettle bell swings 24/16 10 Box Jumps 24inch/20inch 5 calories on the assault bike.

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November workout. “The kick boxer”

November 20, 18 / #conditioning #Crossfit #kick boxing #training

6 rounds of 20 x jab – cross + 1 Burpee for 10 rounds 20 x uppercuts + 2 jump squats for 10 rounds 100 Skips 20 x push ups 10 calories on the assault bike

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Mini Olympics

December 11, 17 / #exercise #Fitness #group fitness #olympics #training

In conjunction with our open day and mini olympics being held at our Bulimba facility on September 2nd I thought it would be good to give everybody the chance to have a go at the events that will be held

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Couch to 5km Run, 12 week running program

December 11, 17 / #Fitness #running #sprinting #training

Starting a running program can be quite scary and if your not a runner your goal of running 5km non stop may seem like a unachievable dream. The most important part of starting a running program is making sure you

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Full body Fat Blast

September 28, 17 / #Fitness #health #training

*3 rounds of 10 exercisers * Perform each exercise for 60 sec with 10sec rest to get to the next exercise * 60 sec rest between each round – Please google these exercisers if you are unsure how to perform

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Spring 8 week training program

August 15, 17 / #group fitness #health #training #Wellness #Workout

Now that winter is over it is time to get your training back on track and detox from the damage winter always causes. Here is a spring workout to shake things up and get the ball rolling again. If you

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