Founded in 2012 to provide the best personalised health and fitness experience in Brisbane, and in the process, create a community of people who are happy, healthy, and living their best authentic life.”

“We aim to do this by providing an all-encompassing, experience-based wellness service, and a productive, professional, and positive atmosphere.”


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The Think Founders David Sims and Mark Haynes, have a combined 26 years experience in the fitness industry. It’s with this forward thinking that Think Fitness is distinguishing itself as a leader in the health and fitness industry, providing dynamic workout space which are affordable and convenient with a strong focus on customer experience.


Owner / Coach

I have been lucky enough to be in the fitness industry for over 16 years now. During this time I have seen many fads come and go but the core fitness essentials remain the same for results to occur. Consistency, intensity, specific programming, measuring results and performance, nutrition, mobility, recovery and fun all need to be adhered to to achieve overall health and wellbeing. For as long as I can remember my life has been dedicated to health and fitness in one way or another. As a kid my whole life revolved around sport. At one stage I was playing 6 different sports and excelled at them all. There did come a time though where I had to choose one and Rugby League won. At the age of 15 I began to get recognised by scouts and invited to training camps with the Brisbane Broncos. As a young man this is all I dreamt of and the dream of becoming an elite athlete and a professional footballer looked likely.Unfortunately when I was in the final year of high school I had a major knee injury which required a reconstruction and a major clean up. After extensive rehab I could not get it strong or stable enough for the riggers of Rugby League so I had to give it away, I was devastated, although this has turned out to be a blessing as it gave me an opportunity to do work experience with the Broncos which kick started my fitness career. During my career I have written and delivered outstanding personal training, sports specific programming, motivation and life goal setting to hundreds of people. During my studies I was lucky enough to do work experience with Dan Baker who at the time was the Brisbane Broncos strength coach. Being around this calibre of coach and watching and helping an elite football team train was an experience I will never forget.My motivation for opening think 24hr fitness came from seeing and experiencing poor service and facilities offered by so many other gyms in the local area. I knew there was an opportunity to provide a world class facility which was affordable, convenient and customer service driven.Our staff strive to provide an amazing experience and atmosphere every time our members walk in the door. We aim to ensure every single person who joins our fitness family is encouraged, motivated and educated in how to achieve their personal goals and given the tools to make the necessary changes for long lasting results. I encourage and welcome everyone to experience something different and try our facility. We are not like your average commercial gym we care about you and your goals and will provide you with the tools to achieve success.


Owner / Coach

I have a passion for holistic health and wellness being interested in the inter-relatedness and integration of alternative functional medicines, epigenetics, movement, technology, the mind and spirit. I have a wide range of qualifications including: – Diploma in Exercise Science and Fitness Management, – Certificate levels 3&4 in Fitness, – Sports Nutritionist , – SSN-SNS Certified – Metabolic Health Coach – Epigenetic Wellness Coach. I am also a Reiki Master, practice energetics and massage and am the owner of Universal Human Energy. Along with these formal qualifications I have over 16 years of entrepreneurial business experience in the field of health and wellness and 20 years in the area of Personal Development and Conscious Living. Prior to experience I had extensive training in the Martial Arts both as a student and teacher focusing on: Ninjutsu, Freestyle Karate and Capoeira. I also have a passionate interest in Essential Oils & Sound Therapy and what i believe to be their place as the missing link in modern medicine. I aim to lead through example on all levels of life. Although I have over 16 years’ experience working with clients, i continue to self study, travel and attend courses to keep up to date with all current trends and latest research in the industries i’m passionate about. I aim to provide a highly-personalised client oriented model of service with my coaching and programming. There are two foundational principals which form one of my philosophies. They are ‘InterConnection’ and ‘Personalisation’, these are the two essential ingredients to the success of the individuals health and wellness journey.

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