May 7, 18

Partnered training session

Training can sometimes feel like a chore and you find every excuse not to train, this is when training with a friend can come in very handy. Grab your workout buddy and take on this session designed for two. When choosing weights, make sure if you choose an appropriate weight range for your strength and ability.

This workout is designed for you to complete a prescribed amount of reps for an exercise before moving on to the next movement pattern. One person will be working whilst the other rests. Once the first person completes 10 reps you of the exercise you swop over and the other person performs 10 reps then swop again and so on until all reps are complete.

Rest when ever you need to and be sure to encourage each other and help one another get through this tough workout.


6 x 200m runs ( 3 runs each)

100 DB thrusters

100 Push ups

100 Box Jumps or step ups

100 Jumping pull ups

100 Sit ups

100 Burpees

100 Alternating KB clean and press

100 V Sits

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