May 27, 18

Rah Nelson

TRAINS strength & conditioning, muscle building, fat loss, and agility, sports specific, HIIT. Overall Lifestyle development

LOVES PEOPLE Culture, Travel, Networking, Hunting, Physical work, camping, Fashion, New Zealand Native Dancing, Basketball, Food, Business, Challenges, Fitness/health & wellbeing, Learning about people in general.

As a young man growing up, I played a lot of sport in New Zealand, mostly Basketball as I represented many districts doing so.

Moving to Australia, then beginning my fitness journey for myself, as I lacked confidence due to the way I felt about myself being very thin.

Over time I successfully achieved the physique & lifestyle I desired through health and fitness which maximised my self-confidence and overall wellbeing.

Combined with my people skills I have helped many who need direction on how to incorporate there already busy day to day schedule with health & fitness that suits them BEST.


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