May 9, 18

Natalie Hogan

TRAINS  Strength and Conditioning, MetCon, Muay Thai style cardio.

LOVES   Muay Thai, Squat/Deadlift/Bench Press. “Out of gym” fitness – hiking, stand up paddle boarding, rock climbing etc.

Five years ago I made the jump from a “safe job” to a passion by completing my Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness. Gym training and Muay Thai has been a major chapter in my life for the last 5 years and my life would look vastly different without it.

Over the last 5 years my training has stayed constant and I’ve not only seen the results I wanted for myself but have seen those results passed on to my clients.

Using Muay Thai for cardio, HIIT, functional strength and power lifting based movements in my programming – I believe it incorporates the best balance of hard work and fun to make training something you WANT to do not “have to do”.

The best feeling in the world is knowing you have put someone on a path that will lead them to a better life for themselves. Thats what gets me pumped in the morning.


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