September 26, 23

James Ashford

TRAINS Specialising in putting together the best of what you need to fulfil your goals.
Tell me the skills you want to develop and the goals you want to hit, and that’s the direction we’ll go.

LOVES Like my training style, my interests are many! Podcasts and learning new things. All things human movement and psychology. I love getting outside and exploring. Getting out on the ocean with the occasional dive. Exploring inner worlds with meditation, and generally doing my best at improving the meat vehicle I’ve been given.


5 and a half years as a professional coach, 17 years self exploration of different training methods with me as the test subject. I subscribe to being a training generalist and think the human body should be capable of more than only moving heavy things (although we certainly want that ability too!). My training is what I consider a holistic blend of mobility, strength, power and grace. We want to move pain free and with fluidity using the best tools for the job at hand.


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Potato Nachos (500 cals)

August 10, 22 / #Food #healthfood #nutrition #recipes

Nachos say no more… A healthy version of a delicious classic.  Ingredients 200 grams Spud Light Potato’s Taco Spice Mix  1 Onion 150 grams Extra Lean Beef Mince 50 grams Canned Corn 20 grams Light Sour Cream 30 grams Light

Egg White Omelette (under 300 cals)

August 10, 22 / #healthfood #healthy eating #nutrition #recipes

Looking for a quick and easy meal that is under 300 calories? Then try this simple and tasty omelette. Ingredients 1 Egg 100 grams egg Whites 30 grams 97% Ham 40 grams Spinach 40 grams Mushrooms 50 grams tomato 20

Winter Workout 2

August 10, 22 / #Fitness #health #Workout

This workout will challenge the mind and the body for a great all round metabolic burner.  Workout 2 1 Sleds 10 Walking Lunges10 Commando Push-ups 10 Single Leg Step-ups 2 Sleds20 Walking Lunges10 Banded Push-ups10 Single Leg Step-ups (add weight) 3