May 7, 19

Elliott Noble

TRAINS Female weight loss, Crossfit style training, Weightlifting
LOVES My biggest hobbies/interest is fitness. When I’m not at work in the gym you’ll properly find me in the gym
training or running somewhere. Hailing from the uk I’m a huge football (soccer fan).

Ive spent my entire life around Health and fitness and find great gratification helping my clients achieve there goals.
Ive been a personal trainer for 7 years in which time I’ve helped hundreds of people achieve a wide range of personal
goals from fat loss to rehabilitation to sports specific goals. I truly believe in getting a little better every day and feel
my scientific approach to training has given myself and my clients amazing results.


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Potato Nachos (500 cals)

August 10, 22 / #Food #healthfood #nutrition #recipes

Nachos say no more… A healthy version of a delicious classic.  Ingredients 200 grams Spud Light Potato’s Taco Spice Mix  1 Onion 150 grams Extra Lean Beef Mince 50 grams Canned Corn 20 grams Light Sour Cream 30 grams Light

Egg White Omelette (under 300 cals)

August 10, 22 / #healthfood #healthy eating #nutrition #recipes

Looking for a quick and easy meal that is under 300 calories? Then try this simple and tasty omelette. Ingredients 1 Egg 100 grams egg Whites 30 grams 97% Ham 40 grams Spinach 40 grams Mushrooms 50 grams tomato 20

Winter Workout 2

August 10, 22 / #Fitness #health #Workout

This workout will challenge the mind and the body for a great all round metabolic burner.  Workout 2 1 Sleds 10 Walking Lunges10 Commando Push-ups 10 Single Leg Step-ups 2 Sleds20 Walking Lunges10 Banded Push-ups10 Single Leg Step-ups (add weight) 3