May 5, 18

Delroy Berryman

TRAINS   Athlete development, strength & conditioning, muscle building, fat loss, boxing training, speed and agility, sports specific, HIIT.

LOVES   Playing sport, watching sport, training, family & friend gatherings, Food.

From a young age sport has been drilled into me which I have grown from and transitioned into adult life. This has given me the passion and drive to base my career within the fitness industry.

My professional sporting career has taught me a lot about fitness, being an athlete and continues to do so. Being around and learning from the best of the best coaches, trainers, athletes and world class training facilities. I have learnt a lot along the way from my time with the Brisbane Broncos to my recent years with the Manly Sea Eagles. So, the experiences I have gone through with these elite clubs has equipped me the knowledge and tools to pass on to all my clients.

Athletic Development is my field to play in and developing aspiring athletes and improving semi pro to professional athletes is a big part of what I love to do.

Everyday people who like to stay fit and healthy. I can provide fun, challenging and rewarding 1 on 1 to small group training to reach clients desired goals.


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