August 28, 17

Bart Verschuuren

TRAINS   Exercise for Pregnancy & Post Natal, Powerlifting Coaching Course, Boxing, Bootcamp
LOVES     Fly Fishing, Hunting, Diving, Sailing, Traditional Muay Thai, Skiing/Snowboarding, Reading

Bart heads the trainers team at Think 24hr Fitness with a strong understanding of human physiology and systems that govern the body and mind. He takes a passionate and competent approached to his profession spanning 16 years of professional registration, commitment to the industry and practiced methods. Bart holds a Level 3 Advanced Exercise Professional certification, the highest degree recognised by Fitness Australia.

Bart focuses on Bodyweight and Abbreviated Training—a hybrid of traditional, functional-strength and time- limited training tactics. He works with people of all ages, skill levels, fitness interests and physical abilities, treating every client individually by outlining strategies towards a functional, realistic and visible result through logic and simplicity.



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