March 19, 18

Easter conditioning workout

With easter only weeks away and the temptation of chocolate overload becoming a real issue for most of us, it is very important we up our training to cater for any little mishaps we may encounter over the easter break. Here is a great workout to burn calories to earn those easter calorie credits.

This workout consists of 3 parts. Each part consists of 3 rounds.

Part 1.

500m Row

20 KB Swings

20 pull ups / Ring rows

20 1 arm DB snatches (each side)

60 sec rest

Part 2.

500m Run

20 DB walking lunges

20 DB thrusters

20 Single leg glute bridges

2 min rest

Part 3.

15 calories assault bike

20 Hand release push ups

20 DB curl + press

20 shoulder taps

20 mountain climbers


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