December 4, 17

12 Days Of Christmas Workout

With the festive season well and truly upon us it is that time of year again our members either love or hate. This workout is tough,  but fun all the same. It has become some what of a tradition with our class numbers exploding with people wanting to have a crack at this challenging workout.

  • The workout is executed like the song 12 days of Christmas. You will be completing 12 rounds, adding an exercise (day) each round. 
  • Round one starts with a 200m run, when you get back you do Round 2 which is 2 wall walks then run 200m again.
  • Once back from the second run you start Round 3 which is 3 toes to bar then 2 wall walks then a 200m again. After this your start Round 4 and so on until you have completed all 12 rounds.

“12 Days of Christmas”

• 1 200m run

• 2 Wall walks

• 3 Toes to Bar/hanging knee raise

• 4 Hand release push ups

• 5 Wall balls

• 6 Burpees

• 7 Pull ups or ring rows

• 8 Air Squats

• 9 KB Swings (35/55)

• 10 Box Jumps (24/30)

• 11 1 Arm DB Snatch (20/35) Each side

• 12 Ab mat sit ups

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