December 11, 17

Tough Mudder

*No rest between rounds, straight on to next part once finished

Part 1.

5 rounds of

250m stationary bike Level 10

25 BW jump squats

25 BW jumping lunges (Each side)

25 Russian twists (8kg/10kg medball)

25 medball thrusters (8kg/10kg)

Part 2.

5 rounds of

300m row Level 10

15 push ups

15 Mountain climbers

15 sit ups

Part 3.

5 rounds of

200m sprint on the treadmill

15 DB thrusters (7kg/10kg)

15 DB side raisers (5kg/8kg)

15 Burpess

Part 4.

3 rounds of

15 assisted pull ups

15 Push ups with leg tuck

15 Dips

15 Ring rows

15 close grip push ups

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