Think, Educate, Motivate

Think.Educate.Motivate is a program designed to empower and support members by providing expert education sessions on a range of health and fitness topics.

Today we’re bombarded with so many do’s and don’ts, getting the right health and fitness advice can be difficult. It’s confusing! 
We want our members to get the most of our facility and the reach individual health and fitness goals, therefore we’ve launched Think.Educate.Motivate.

Although we personally like to think we know everything! It’s impossible! Therefore we’ve engaged passionate expert health and fitness professionals from varying fields to provide you with specific information. The interactive classes are conducted in a group environment, with face to face sessions; right here in the gym. There is no extra charge on your membership. Some of our sporting professionals charge in excess of $200 p/h, so this is great way to increase your knowledge and help you; help yourself.