What is Genetic Wellness?

December 11, 17 / #genetics #health #nutrition #well being #Wellness

What is Genetic Wellness? By Mark Haynes Genetic wellness uses 15 sciences (anthropometrics, genomics, phenotypology, embryology, endocrinology, nutrigenomics, molecular biology, geo-medicine, traditional medicines, geneology, ancestry & lineage, neuropsychology, chronobiology, lifestyle medicines, advanced diagnostics and semiotics) and over 150 algorithms to

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December 11, 17 / #health #stress #Wellness

GOOD STRESS, BAD STRESS. Here’s how to find your stress sweet spot. Stresses whether emotional, environmental, physical, spiritual, social, nutritional and intellectual. All can influence our lives in both a positive and negative way. What is stress: Stress is our

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Spring 8 week training program

August 15, 17 / #group fitness #health #training #Wellness #Workout

Now that winter is over it is time to get your training back on track and detox from the damage winter always causes. Here is a spring workout to shake things up and get the ball rolling again. If you

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The Foam Roller, your new best friend

August 15, 17 / #Fitness #healthfood #Think #Wellness

The Foam Roller, your new best friend. Muscle soreness, tightness and even injury are all things that can easily get in the way of your next training session. This can unfortunately lead to inconsistencies, lack of motivation and excuses in

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