September workout! “Angry Ginger”

September 20, 18 / #conditioning #Crossfit #fullbody workout #Strength training

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to increase the intensity of your workouts and kick some backsides. Try this intense little number to really get the heart rate pumping. Its a 200 skip buy in, then complete

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Full body Fat Blast

December 11, 17 / #Crossfit #Fitness #fullbody workout #group fitness

*3 rounds of 10 exercisers * Perform each exercise for 60 sec with 10sec rest to get to the next exercise * 60 sec rest between each round – Please google these exercisers if you are unsure how to perform

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Spring 8 week training program

December 11, 17 / #Fitness #fullbody workout #group fitness #resistance training #weight training

Now that winter is over it is time to get your training back on track and detox from the damage winter always causes. Here is a spring workout to shake things up and get the ball rolling again. If you

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